National Institute for Teacher Education

Affiliated to Guwahati University
Permitted by Govt. of Assam
Recognised by NCTE


  • National Institute for Teacher Education, Khetri invites Applications for following posts.
    Asstt. Prof. ( Education), Asstt. Prof. (Fine Arts), Asstt. Prof. (Phy. Education)
  • For M.Ed. Admission queries, kindly contact Mr. S. Bharali – 7002119631 and Mr. Prasenjit Paul – 7002130591

National Institute for Teacher Education (NIFTE)

Imparting Quality Teacher Education since 1998

Bachelor of Education


2 year undergraduate professional degree which prepares students for work as a teacher in schools and colleges.

Master of Education


Postgraduate Academic Master Degree Course aimed at developing a global and a national vision for education in the modern concept.

Recognition of


Experienced teachers dedicated to imparting their knowledge and wisdom to every student and and groom them for their future roles.

Principal's Message

Teaching is the noblest profession that moulds and shapes the potentialities, character and a beautiful future of the student community as well as individual and society. Read more…